Rodriguez Engineering

Joaquin J. Rodriguez, III P.E.

Consulting Engineers

Structural & Foundation Design

Construction Inspections

Storm Water Drainage

Forensic Studies + Expert Testimony

Bachelor of Civil Engineering
University of Florida 1969

Bachelor of Science, Physical Science
Stetson University 1973

Florida 14167-1974 (PE) #219-1985 (Threshold Bldg.Spec. Insp.)
New York-1981 (PE) #67185;
Texas 1990, (PE)69072;
Virginia 1992 PE 23257;
Maryland (PE)19393;
U.S. Virgin Islands T522E, 1996;
Georgia 1998 (PE) 24705;
Wisconsin 1999 (PE) 33263-006

Certified in the practice of Structural Engineering, SECB 2006

Technical Societies
Structural Engineering Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Institute of Steel Construction

Public Service:
1988-1991:  City of Fort Lauderdale Code Enforcement Board
1981-1987:  Chairman of Fort Lauderdale Code Enforcement Board
1988-1992: City of Ft. Lauderdale Sign Advisory Committee
1986: Board of Rules/Appeals Broward Co. Board, Structural Committee
1987: Board of Directors, Broward Co. Archaeological Society
1993: Broward County Hurricane Andrew Code Review sub-committee
1992 Volunteer Emergency Building Inspector, Dade County, FL
2005: Broward County Emergency Services Response Team 2004

Sludge Drying © Sludge Reduction Systems, Inc. 1976
Sludge DeWatering © Dehydro Coorporation 1977
Computers in Civil Engineering © American Society of Civil Engineers 1979
Modern Marina Design © Marine Technology Society 1984
Design & Construction in the Coastal Zone © American Society of Civil Engineers
Analysis and Evaluation of Lintel Beams in Mayan Building Construction © Florida Anthropological Society 1994
Anthropological Society 1994
Analysis and Evaluation of Masonry Vaults in Mayan Building Construction © Institute of Maya Studies 2011
The Lime Cement of Belize © Institute of Maya Studies 2014

Continuing Research
Secondary corrosion in repaired concrete structures in the coastal zone (co-sponsored by DNH Enterprises)
Lime Cement Mortar in Maya Building Construction

Past Experience:
1985 - Principal, Consulting Engineering.
Engaged in structural, engineering geology and foundation design, storm drainage, and coastal engineering world wide. Engaged in disaster damage evaluation & repairs world wide, forensic engineering and expert witness. Engineering support for historical preservation.

1981-1985 - Vice President/Chief Engineer, D.E. Britt Association., Inc.
responsible for establishing and implementing engineering policy. Responsible for coordinating of engineers and technicians in projects of structural, sanitary, environmental and soil mechanics nature worldwide. Responsible for planning and coordinating computer programming for engineering designs.
1978-1980 - Vice President, D.E. Britt Association., Inc.
Responsible for coordinating engineers and technicians in projects of structural, sanitary, environmental and soil mechanics nature worldwide. Responsible for planning and coordinating computer programming for engineering designs.

1974-1977 - Senior project Engineer, D.E. Britt Associates, Inc.
Responsible for technical production and coordination of engineers and technicians assigned to a project. Responsible for writing and implementing engineering computer programs.

1969-1974 Staff Engineer, D.E. Britt Associates Inc.
Responsible for technical production and coordination of engineering technicians under general supervision of senior engineer. Responsible for writing and implementing engineering computer programs.

Qualified Legal Expert:
Circuit Court
Broward Co. Fl
Palm Beach Co. Fl
Dade Co. Fl
Monroe Co. Fl
Hillsborough Co. Fl
Collier Co. Fl
Territorial Court U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas
U.S. Federal Court St. Louis, Mo.

Corporate Experience:
1988-1996 Director of Engineering
Allied Technologies Association Inc. Project Design

1978-1984 Vice President
D.E. Britt Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers

1980-1981 Executive Vice President
Sedtech Corp. Computer Engineering Design

1983-1984 Presdient & CEO
Prodeco International Corp. Project Development

1984 Vice President
Recreational Technologies Inc. Water Park Development

1984 Vice President
Touristic Services Inc. Tours Agency

Military History:
Completion of US Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles Hon.

Active Duty Radiation Technician at Fort Sam Houston, TX.

U.S. Army Reserve - Responsible for Radiation Tech. Environmental Engineering (to include operation and maintenance of water treatment, sewage treatment, solid waste disposal and disease Vector Control) and environmental engineering laboratory.
1975 - Recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award.

1991-Selected honored member of Quien es Quien in U.S. Commerce
1994-Selected honored member of National Directory of Who's Who

City of Fort Lauderdale Community Awards
Gold Awards
1990-Sunrise Inn

Silver Awards
1989-Sterling Residence
1991-Schlesinger Office Building
1991-Gleason Residence

Honorable Mention:
1990-Salvation Army Center
1991-The Boat House

Continuing Education:
    USAMFSS: Radiation Technology and Roentgenology 1970
    Atlas Prestressing; Post tensioned Concrete Design, 1971
    CRSI: Reinforced Concrete Design, 1973
    NCMA: Reinforced Masonry Design, 1973
    USAMFSS: Sanitary Engineering & Preventive Medicine, 1974
    USN: Sanitary Engineering & Medical Entomology, 1975
    CRSI: Fire Endurance of Reinforced Concrete Structures, 1976
    FIU: Highway Bridges Design, 1977
    Hazardous Materials Control Research Inst., Acceptable Sludge Disposal Techniques, 1978
    PCA: Seismic Resistance of Coupled Concrete Shearwalls, 1978
    ASCE: Progress in Civil Engineering Design, 1979
    Univ. Of Florida: Residential Canals and Marinas Design, 1980
    PCA/ACI: Concrete Highrise Buildings Design, 1982
    FAU: Wind Engineering, 1982
    AISC: Economical Steel Framed Structures, 1982
    PTI: Design and Construction of Post-Tensioned Buildings, 1983
    ACI: 318-83 Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete , 1983
    AISC: Strength of Bolted Connections, 1983
    MIT/FAU: Structural Materials in the Marine Environment, 1983
    PCI: Prestressed Concrete Parking Structures, 1984
    AISC: Special Connection in Steel: 1985 principal
    ACI: Analysis and Design of Seismic Resistant Concrete, 1985
    AISC: LRFD Limit Design of Structural Steel, 1986
    ASCE: Augercast Piles in Florida Sandstone Rocks, 1989
    SJI: Steel joists and joist girders, floor vibration, 1989
    ACI: Reinforce masonry 530 Masonry Standard 1990
    AISC: Floor Vibrations in Steel Structures 1991
    FIU: Construction Law, 1992
    ASCE: Augercast Piles, 1992
    BCAEd: French; beginning, intermediate, and advanced, 1993-1994
    ASCE: Hurricanes of 1992, National Technical Symposium, 1993
    ASCE: Forensic Investigation and Interface Radar, 1995
    BCAS: Archaeological Methods in Field Investigations, 1996
    Graves Museum of Natural History: Field Palaeontology 1997
    AIA: Florida Building Code 2001,
    SEI: Florida Wind Provisions ASCE 7-98, 2003
    FSEA: Reinforced Masonry Design ACI 530-02, 2005
    FSEA: Design and Construction in High Velocity Hurricane Zone 2005
    SEA: Wind Engineering and Seismic Provisions of SEI/ASCE 7 2006
    NFPA: Wood Engineering 2006
    MACNUM: Design of Helix Piers 2007
    FSEA: Concrete Design ACI 318-05 and IBC 2006, 2007
    SIMPSON: Residential Construction/ FBC 2007
    VSL: Concrete Strengthening Techniques and Design 2008
    HSW-AIA: Coastal Requirements for High Velocity Hurricane Zones 2009
    FSEA: Current Techniques for Repairing Concrete Structures 2011
    SE: Vertical Evacuation Structural Technologies 2012
    SE: Thin Slab Floor Systems for High Rise Towers 2012
    PDH: Wood Raised Floor Design 2013
    SunCam: Fundamentals of Concrete 2013
    SunCam: Post tensioned Concrete Design for Buildings 2013
    SunCam: Structural Steel Design 2014
    WPC/AIA: Preservative-Treated Wood 2015
    Sun Cam: Corrosion Control 2015